B&K Type 4528-B  Triax Accelerometer 10 MV/G W TEDS

B&K Type 4528-B Triax Accelerometer 10 MV/G W TEDS

Triaxial CCLD* Accelerometer with TEDS†‡ Types 4528-B and 4528-B-001 are designed to operate continuously at 165°C (329°F) in order to meet the toughest environmental requirements.


  • Power train, engine and exhaust
  • Environmental stress screening
  • Gas turbine auxiliary equipment
  • Multi-purpose – will always be required for measurements
  • Modal and on-road testing

Their wide 0.3Hz to 10 kHz frequency range and light weight make them equally suitable for use as general purpose accelerometers. Even when only a single- or bi-axis measurement is needed at a location, the size and the possibility of a single-axis power supply make Types 4528-B and 4528-B-001 the right choices.

The TEDS function and the mounting possibilities are with an M3 stud or clip speed test setup. Both Types 4528-B and 4528-B-001 simplify your testing by covering most of the different needs of a modern test lab with one sensor.



Frequency range: 0.3 – 10000 Hz

Temperature: -60 – 165 C

Weight: 6 gram

Sensitivity: 1 mV/ms^-2

Residual Noise Level in Spec Freq Range (rms):  ±900 µg

Maximum Operational Level (peak): 714 g

Electrical connector: 1-4 28 UNF

Mounting: M3 or Adhesive

Accessory Included: M3 mounting stud with flange

Clip/Stud/Screw included: 1

Output: CCLD

Unigain: No

Triaxial: Yes


Applications: Vibration Test

Unit: mV

Resonance frequency: 30 kHz

Maximum Shock Level (± peak): 5100 g