B&K Type 4523  Piezoelectric Accelerometer

B&K Type 4523 Piezoelectric Accelerometer

Type 4523 has been specifically designed for Health Usage Monitoring of gearboxes on helicopters. All processes and materials comply with MIL-P-11268. The transducer has been designed to be reliable despite mechancial and enviornmental influences.


  • Flight-test applications
  • Measurement in harsh environments
  • Health Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
  • Gearboxes


Frequency range: 1 – 15000 Hz

Temperature: -54 – 150 C

Weight: 13.3 gram

Sensitivity: 1 mV/ms^-2

Residual Noise Level in Spec Freq Range (rms): ±2000 µg

Maximum Operational Level (peak): 500 g

Electrical connector: 10-32 UNF

Mounting: Adhesive

Accessory Included: Carrying box, Clibration Chart, YS-0449 Mounting Bolt

Output: CCLD

Unigain: No

Triaxial: No


Applications: Industrial, Vibration Test

Unit: mV

Resonance frequency: 43 kHz

Maximum Shock Level (± peak): 5000 g