Structural Dynamics Software

BK Connect Operating Deflection Shapes

BK Connect Operating Deflection Shapes

This BK Connect software performs analysis for time, spectral and run-up/down ODS. It determines the vibration pattern of a structure under given operating conditions; how the structure’s dynamic properties respond to the forcing functions acting on it. The vibration pattern can be shown as an animated geometry model of the structure and listed as displacement, velocity and acceleration in a shape table.


  • Time ODS
    Where the vibration pattern for an analysed frequency range is determined as a function of time: Includes all frequencies in the analysed frequency range giving an overall vibration pattern
  • Spectral ODS
    Here the vibration pattern is determined for specific frequency or order components: ODS of discrete frequency (stationary signals) or order components (slightly varying speed)
  • Run-up/down ODS
    Where the vibration pattern is determined for specific order components as a function of rotational speed: ODS of order components versus rotational speed


  • Analysis of rotating machinery and equipment with internally generated forces
  • Analysis of machinery running at fixed or slightly varying speeds due to changed operating conditions
  • Analysis of the machinery noise and vibration behaviour related to its rotational and fixed parts
  • Analysis of transient phenomena such as door slams, explosions, launches and firing, crash and drop impacts
  • Analysis of non-linear systems and frequency-variant analysis such as engine run-up/down
  • Testing civil engineering structures that are loaded by ambient forces, such as waves on offshore structures, wind load on buildings, and traffic load effects on bridges


  • Time, spectral and run-up/down ODS analysis
  • Geometry-guided measurement and analysis
  • Conversion between acceleration, displacement and velocity
  • Results as peak, peak-peak or rms
  • Shape tables with ODS values at the individual DOFs
  • Support of SI and imperial units
  • Decimation factor to skip time samples during animation
  • High-pass integration filter to remove low-frequency effects


  • BK Connect Data Viewer Type 8400
  • BK Connect Hardware Setup Type 8401
  • BK Connect Data Processing Type 8403 – for geometry-guided measurements
  • BK Connect Geometry Type 8410
  • BK Connect Time ODS Option Type 8410-B – for Time ODS analysis