Sound Level Meters and Vibration Meters

B&K 2245-N  Sound Level Meter With Noise Partner

B&K 2245-N Sound Level Meter With Noise Partner

B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter is designed to be used when and where you have a job to do. Robust and dust- and water-resistant to IP55, this sound level meter (SLM) can be used in the field surrounded by grit, grime or inclement weather. But just because the SLM can take it, doesn’t mean that you need to. The SLM can connect to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi® and be operated away from the sound field via an unparalleled mobile-app control interface. This means that the unit can be placed for measurement and fully controlled from a more convenient location, just as if you were standing with the SLM in hand.


B&K 2245 Sound Level Meters come with the Noise Partner app pre-installed. This app can be used with minimal training and is perfect for simple broadband measurements, general-purpose sound pressure level measurements, and basic occupational, product and environmental noise measurements.

Mobile App

Once the accompanying Noise Partner app is downloaded to your phone from the App Store®, all Noise Partner capabilities can be wirelessly controlled from that phone. Via the app interface, pictures, text and voice notes, and videos can be embedded with the measurements.

PC App

When the PC app has been downloaded and installed and the measurement is finished, your data can be transferred to the PC, wirelessly or with the supplied USB cable. Noise Partner PC software is preconfigured with the tools needed for storing, reviewing and reporting your data.


  • Checking the sound pressure levels – for example, to ensure that fire alarm systems comply with regulations
  • Broadband measurements requiring IEC 61672, ANSI/ASA S1.4 or DIN 45657-compliant instrumentation
  • Simple product testing – to ensure compliance with EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC or similar standards for listing LAeq and LCpeak in order to minimize the risk of hearing loss


  • Single measurement range: 15.2 – 140 dB from typical noise floor to maximum level, A-weighted
  • Integrated GPS for time and location
  • Robust, dust- and water-resistant to IP55
  • Colour LCD with a bright, clean layout – most-important information shown with a clear indication of measurement status with colour header
  • Measurement status light-ring visible from any angle
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery, typically providing more than 14 hours operation with Wi-Fi enabled
  • 16 GB built-in storage for measurements and annotations
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy for connection to mobile and PC apps.
  • Single, weather-proof USB-C connector for charging, data transfer to PC and more


Additional licenses can be installed on B&K 2245. Ensure that you have the right tools for your job to do:

  • Exhaust Noise Partner – check exhaust noise levels for compliance with regulations. Lockable measurement settings and streamlined measurement parameters minimise the risk of error and reduce the amount of time and manpower needed to do the job right
  • Enviro Noise Partner – evaluate environmental noise to ensure compliance with standards. The focused toolset ensures that you have all the tools needed for the job, including markers to isolate sounds (exclude superfluous noise or mark pertinent noise for further examination) and checklists to ensure the job is done correctly
  • Work Noise Partner – evaluate workplace noise to ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard employee safety, including determining the need and level for hearing protection. The interface guides you through a full survey and requires minimal training to ensure valid and actionable data