Sound Level Meters and Vibration Meters

B&K 2245-E  Sound Level Meter With Enviro Noise Partner

B&K 2245-E Sound Level Meter With Enviro Noise Partner

This environmental noise solution for B&K 2245 Sound Level Meter is a complete, focused toolset for measuring and reporting on environmental noise concerns. The sound level meter’s IP55 rating ensures that you can set up and measure where you need to be, without having to worry about exposure to water or dust, for example, at a construction site. Once on-site, the sound level meter app can acquire a wide range of broadband parameters including statistics, provide 1/1- or 1/3-octave band frequency analysis, and conduct logging down to 1 s intervals. These capabilities ensure that you get the right data for your job to do. Additionally, the sound level meter can make high-quality audio recordings to aid in identifying specific incidents.

Mobile App

Once the mobile Enviro Noise Partner app is downloaded to your phone from the App Store®, all Enviro Noise Partner capabilities can be wirelessly controlled from your phone. Additionally, the mobile app provides intuitive measurement profile screens that enable you to pinch the graph to zoom or swipe it to move back and forth through time. This makes it very easy to mark events and isolate sounds so that you can, for example, exclude a barking dog from measurement. Via the app interface, pictures, text and voice notes, and videos can be embedded with the measurements.

PC App

With the accompanying PC app, all data can be transferred to a PC, wirelessly or with the supplied USB cable. Just like the mobile app, the Enviro Noise Partner PC app is an excellent tool for adding markers for events and isolating sounds for further investigation or exclusion. These tasks are made even easier with the app’s powerful audio playback tools, such as pitch-corrected high-speed playback for reviewing long recordings. To further minimise the need for additional training, the app includes pre-configured Microsoft® Excel® templates for reporting according to regional standards and regulations – select your template and job done.


  • Attended environmental noise surveys of noise from commerce, industry and transportation
  • Measuring existing ambient noise levels for pre-project planning
  • Verifying compliance with environmental noise regulations
  • Investigating noise complaints


  • Colour LCD with a bright, clean layout – most important information shown with a clear indication of measurement status with colour header
  • Measurement status light ring visible from any angle
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery, typically providing more than 14 hours operation with Wi-Fi® enabled
  • 16 GB built-in storage for measurements and annotations
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy for connection to mobile and PC apps.
  • Single, weatherproof USB-C connector for charging, data transfer to PC and more


Other task-focused B&K 2245 capabilities include:

  • Exhaust Noise Partner – check exhaust noise levels for compliance with regulations. Lockable measurement settings and streamlined measurement parameters minimise the risk of error reduce the amount of time and manpower needed to do the job right
  • Work Noise Partner – evaluate workplace noise to ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard employee safety, including determining the need and level for hearing protection. The interface guides you through a full survey and requires minimal training to ensure valid and actionable data