Condition Monitoring Systems

Beran Condition Monitoring Systems

Beran Condition Monitoring Systems

The Beran Condition Monitoring System features parallel dynamic acquisition for both steady-state (on-load, barring) and variable speed (run-up, run-down) plant modes, with simultaneous acquisition of vibration and process parameters.

The system performs all functions simultaneously so there are no restrictions on graph plotting and real-time analysis — they operate concurrently with data recording.

Multiple users access real-time and historic data displays utilising a Windows based user front end running on a standard PC connected to the Beran system via an Ethernet connection, enabling remote communication via a LAN or WAN.

Control and interrogation of the system may also be carried out remotely, via a modem on a standard telephone line.

The system is highly flexible, and can be configured to monitor virtually all types of rotating plant including, for example, any of the following:
– Turbines
– Pumps
– Fans
– Compressors
– Combustion cans
– Industrialised gas turbines
– Gas circulators