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BE560 Isolation Amplifier

BE560 Isolation Amplifier

The Isolation Amplifier BE560 is a complete stand-alone isolated amplifier of modular construction for professional low and medium voltage measurement applications.

The instrument is an ideal solution to protect your measurement system and yourself against hazardous voltages. The instrument can be used in combination with data acquisition systems, waveform analyzers, data loggers, oscilloscopes and PC-based instrumentation.

Each isolated amplifier system is divided into three distinct sections:
• The amplifier stage is built around a floating amplifier with five selectable input ranges and provides a 1500 Volt DC isolation barrier. By using digital modulation the barrier characteristics do not affect signal integrity, resulting in excellent reliability and good high frequency transient immunity across the barrier.
• A filter section is used to minimize power supply feed through noise and to remove carrier ripple.
• The output section is designed with a short-circuit protected output buffer.

One to 16 pieces of single channel input modules can be installed in one of three different housings.

Additional accessories complement the functionality of this versatile instrument.

• Three different mainframes
• Modular, up to 16 channels
• 1500 Volt isolated amplifiers
• Isolated, floating, unsymmetrical inputs
• ± 100 mV to ± 1000 V input ranges
• 50 kHz bandwidth
• Filtered, short-circuit protected, low voltage outputs, ± 10 V
• Stand-alone instrument for a variety of applications
• Perfect front end for GEN DAQ products in LV or MV applications as well as for shunt measurements

• Isolator for transducers, thermocouples, RTD’s, etc.
• Isolated, off ground shunt measurements
• Ground loop elimination
• Power line monitoring
• Protection against hazardous voltages
• PC-based data acquisition
• PC-based (industrial) process control