AS2100 Laser Distance Sensor

AS2100 Laser Distance Sensor

Superior Accuracy at Long Range

The AS2100 accurate distance sensor can measure natural targets up to 100m (328 ft) away and Acuity reflective targets up to 500m (1640 ft) away with an accuracy of ± 1mm (0.04 in) depending on target reflectance and environmental conditions. The AS2100 is a rugged laser sensor that can accurately measure on difficult targets, including measurements on black surfaces with solar irradiation. The maximum measurement frequency of the AS2100 is 250Hz in optimal conditions.

Laser Diode

The AS2100 has a Class 2, red, visible laser diode for simple aiming and setup. The spot size starts at 0.15 inches and grows to only about 2 inches at distances of 100 meters.  Larger targets may be necessary at longer distances.

Outputs and Inputs

The AS2100 Accurate Distance Sensor can communicate using RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial protocols by adjusting a single parameter. The AS2100 also comes with a standard, 4-20 mA, analog, current loop output (can also be set to 0-20mA). The analog output can be programmed to have a custom measurement span, and the minimum and maximum currents can be set to any points in the laser’s range.

The AS2100 unit comes with a built in USB connection option for easy testing & troubleshooting of unit.

Wide Range of Applications

Due to the product’s high performing specs and ability to provide accurate measurements on difficult targets, including measurements on bright, dark, hot, and textured surfaces, it is a perfect accurate distance sensor for a wide variety of applications and industries. Examples include:

  • Metal production applications (including steel and aluminum production) –controlling fill level for steel and iron, cut to length applications, and dimensional measurements of hot materials.
  • Transportation industry applications – Positional measurements during materials handling processes (ASRS, AGV systems), crane positioning, trolleys and vertical lifts positioning, and flood gate position measurements.
  • Fill level measurement applications –silo level measurements & controlling the filling and pouring of steel and iron.
  • Process control applications – cut to length measurements (steel & lumber industries), diameter and width measurements of rolls (paper & steel), length/width positioning measurements for sorting applications, and more.

The AS2100 has been used in many other positioning and dimensional measurement applications. Contact Sales to review your specific long range distance measurement application.