AR500 Laser Position Sensor

AR500 Laser Position Sensor

AR500 Laser Displacement Sensors use triangulation measurement principles to gauge distances to targets with great accuracy and speed. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the unit’s size is ideal for builders of compact machines and systems.

Position Sensors models range from 5 to 1000 mm of measurement range and unlike the AR700 laser displacement sensors which have larger cases for longer ranges, all AR500 sensors share the identical case size.

How does this model differ from the AR200 and AR700 triangulation devices? The AR500 is simiar in size to the AR200, but has longer ranges up to 1000 mm It is fast like the AR700 at 9400 Hz. The AR700 sensors are nearly five times more accurate than the AR500 models, but both can be ordered with configurable laser diodes.

The AR500 Laser Position Sensors are the only Acuity models available with optional BLUE laser diodes.

> Lumber dimensions
> Molten silicon height
> Photovataics manufacturing
> Thickness measurement
> Semiconductor equipment