AP1000 Digital Tachometer

AP1000 Digital Tachometer

The AP1000 Series Digital Tachometer is a complete rate monitoring system that combines accuracy and reliability in a rugged, compact housing.

Each tachometer system includes a pulser disc or wrap to be mounted on the monitored shaft, a digital sensor with mounting bracket, and a panel-mount display with a built-in power supply. Standard input power is 115Vac; 230Vac and 12 or 24 Vac/Vdc are optional. The AP1000, because of its flexibility, can be used in a wide variety of monitoring and process control applications.

The AP1000 can take a variety of pulse inputs. The meter translates the input pulses to display RPM, or any specified user unit such as Feet Per Minute, Parts Per Hour, or Gallons Per Minute.

* Field Programmable
* Displays Rates From 0-9,999 or Time In Process (Optional)
* Highly Accurate
* Simple Installation
* Complete System Including Sensor and Magnetic Disc
* Bright .3-lnch High Efficiency LED Displays
* Panel Mount Meter

Standard System: AP1000 Digital Tachometer 115vac, 906 Sensor and 255 Pulser Disc.