Control Potentiometers

Accu-Dial Control Potentiometer

Accu-Dial Control Potentiometer

Compact and accurate control potentiometer with digital display replaces traditional machine potentiometers.

The Accu-Dial is a compact, versatile, and precise micro-controller-based 10-turn potentiometer with an LCD set point display for accurate visual confirmation. Electro-Sensors’ Accu-Dial enters the next generation of control products that allow you to precisely monitor and control any application currently using a potentiometer. It replaces conventional single-turn and multi-turn potentiometers in applications such as control of AC/DC variable speed motor drives, temperature control, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, or any other system currently using a potentiometer.

The Accu-Dial is quick and easy to install. It mounts through the same hole as a potentiometer, and has the same three-wire connection as the potentiometers it replaces. A precise 10-turn potentiometer with robust turning knob gives the operator a familiar feel and reduces mechanical set point movement in high vibration environments.

The LCD display has a range of 0.000 to 9,999 and can be calibrated in user-units, including time in process (TIP). The Accu-Dial’s four user variables are programmed quickly and easily via the two push buttons on the front panel of the housing. Simple installation and programming make the Accu-Dial the logical choice for upgrading the accuracy and repeatability of almost any process.

* Accurate visual confirmation of set points in user-defined units assures repeatability across operators.
* LCD display assures accuracy, reduces waste materials, and saves money.
* Quick and easy installation with simple calibration and setup ensures minimal machine downtime and process setup.
* EEPROM protection retains programming and calibration in the event of power failure.
* Robust turning knob engineered for precision and strength with a familiar feel.
* Housed in a tough ABS plastic enclosure – NEMA 4 rated.