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9840C TEDS Read-Write Intelligent Indicator

9840C TEDS Read-Write Intelligent Indicator

The Model 9840C is a CE compliant and versatile precision instrument intended for the digital readout of strain gage sensors such as load cells.  This product’s features include a bipolar 6-digit 2-line display, remote sense, low noise, 24-bit internal resolution, USB port with RS232 communication, mV/V calibration, store calibrations for up to 25 sensors. 6-point linearization, unit conversion and front-panel tare. This unit also has Self-calibration via TEDS Plug and Play ready IEEE 1451.4 compliance.


  • TEDS Plug and Play Ready
  • IEEE 1451.4 Compliant
  • Reads and writes calibration data/coefficients to the load cell
  • Supports TEDS Templates 33, 40 & 41
  • Stores load cell information and calibration data/coefficients for use with up to 20 load cells
  • 10-point Linearization
  • Adjustable calibration curve
  • Accepts 2, 3, and 4 mV/V Load Cell Inputs
  • Remote sense excitation (6-wire load cells)
  • 9-pin D-Sub Connector for Load Cell Connection
  • +/-0.01% of indicated value or better performance
  • Display units of lb, kN, mV/V and more
  • 1 or 2 channel (2-line display)
  • Firmware updates can be performed by the customer in the field
  • +/-999,999 display counts
  • Fast direct analog output
  • +/-10 VDC scalable analog output — 16 bit
  • Full duplex RS232C communication
  • Peak/Valley hold with front panel reset
  • 8 selectable digital filters
  • Auto zero
  • Front panel shunt calibration with two selectable resistors
  • mV/V calibration
  • USB port