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931 XP Miniature Hall Effect Sensor

931 XP Miniature Hall Effect Sensor

Electro-Sensors 931 XP (explosion-proof) Hall-effect sensors provide digital pulse output signals, and are designed for use with magnetic targets such as Electro-Sensors 60 pole pair magnet wheels, pulser wraps, or pulser discs.

The 931 XP is mounted in a cast aluminum enclosure which is C.S.A. approved and UL rated for Class I Groups C, D; Class II Groups E, F, and G; Class III environments. It is supplied with a mounting bracket and 10 feet of 3-conductor shielded cable. The conduit opening is 1/2 inch NPT.

The 931 XP sensor is powered by 5-25 Vdc, provides an NPN open collector output, and switches high and low in the presence of alternating magnetic fields. This provides a digital square wave signal with a 50/50 duty cycle when used with pulse generators that have evenly spaced magnets of alternating polarity. The recommended gap distance between the sensor and pulse generator is 1/4 inch +/- 1/8 inch. The signal produced by the 931 XP sensor is compatible with most PLC Digital I/O cards and with other products requiring a digital pulse input signal.

* Non-contact sensing
* Explosion-proof sensor in a miniature housing
* NPN open collector output
* Large gap distance between sensor and target
* 10ft cable length standard – additional lengths available
* High temperature option available – consult factory