Speed Measurement

907 XP (explosion-proof) Hall-effect Sensor

907 XP (explosion-proof) Hall-effect Sensor

The 907 XP (explosion-proof) Hall-effect sensor produces a digital pulse signal for use with speed switches, tachometers, counters, signal conditioners, or can be used as a direct pulse generator.

As a pulser disc or split collar wrap (mounted on the monitored shaft) rotates, the target magnets pass in front of the sensor. The Hall-effect sensor switches high and low as it is exposed to the alternating polarity of the magnets on the disc or wrap, producing a digital pulse output.

The recommended gap distance between the sensor and pulse generator is 1/4 inch +/- 1/8 inch. The gap flexibility makes the sensors tolerant of vibration, slight shaft run-out, minor misalignment, and other industrial elements. The 907 XP sensors are used in applications requiring explosion-proof ratings, or in applications where the sensor may be subject to abuse.

The sensors can be mounted up to 1500 feet from the control unit – speed switch, tachometer, etc. They are powered by 5-25 Vdc and provide an NPN Open Collector output. The 907 XP sensor has an XLB-3 enclosure which is C.S.A. approved and UL rated for Class I Group D; Class II Group E, F, G; Class III. It has a 1-inch NPT conduit opening, and is provided with a mounting bracket.

The 907 XP Hall-effect sensor is the standard EXPLOSION PROOF sensor for most Electro-Sensors systems.

* Non-contact sensing
* NPN open collector output
* Signal transmits up to 1500 feet
* Large gap distance between sensor and target
* Simple to install and set up
* Optional EZ100 bracket assembly available
* 10ft cable standard – additional lengths available
* High temperature option available – consult factory