TE 8711 Industrial Condition Monitoring Accelerometer

TE 8711 Industrial Condition Monitoring Accelerometer

The model 8711-01 are internally shielded rugged IEPE accelerometers designed for industrial condition monitoring. The accelerometers are available in four standard dynamic ranges from ±5g to ±80g and have a wide bandwidth up to greater than 10kHz. The model 8711-01 accelerometers feature a top exit MIL-C-5015 connector and are designed to operate in ambient temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C.

For a side exit form factor with same performance specifications, TE Connectivity also offers the model 8021 industrial accelerometer.

For wind turbines and other elevated installations that could be exposed to lightning strike, the model 8811-01 should be selected with 5,000V protection rating.



  • ±5g, ±10g, ±20g & ±80g Ranges
  • Frequency Response >10kHz
  • Case Isolated, Internally Shielded
  • Hermetically Sealed, Welded
  • Annular Shear Mode
  • Reverse Wiring Protection
  • Stable Temperature Response



  • General Purpose
  • Machine Condition Monitoring
  • Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
  • Industrial Applications
  • Harsh Environments
  • Gearbox Monitoring