Condition Monitoring Systems

766 Portable

766 Portable

The Beran 766 Portable is a fully integrated, single instrument developed from the Beran 766 Condition Monitoring System. It is designed for use by vibration analysts in trouble shooting, balancing and return-to-service/commissioning roles. The unit does not require a PC to operate, ensuring it may be left on to log on-site without the normal security concerns associated with leaving lap-top PCs unattended. Time and RPM based logging may be enabled ensuring Run-up, Coast Down and On-Line Plant operational modes are automatically stored.

Using the latest data compression technology, full real-time graphical capability is available over a modem link. This allows a 766 Portable to be left on-site, but monitored by Vibration Analysts at a remote location – anywhere in the world! The unit is fully controllable remotely to allow alarm settings or logging rates etc., to be adjusted via a modem.


Real-time Displays: FFT, Time Domain, Histogram, Text (Dynamic Channels), Text (Static DC) & Orbits
Historic Graphic Displays: Bode Plots, Polar Plots, 3D Polar Plots, Waterfall, Trend & Orbits


Dynamic Channels: 2 to 32 in multiples of 2 (up to 64 with slave unit)
Input Type: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Non-Vibration
Tacho: 1, 2, 3 or 4
Static (DC): 0, 16, 32, 48 (multiplexed)
Digital Inputs: 0 or 8 (TTL)
Configuration: 4 Normally Open, 4 Normally Closed

Measurement Functions

– 4 Orders (Order 1 and 3 further, user-selectable, to order 16)
– Overall level
– Sub-synchronous level
– Maximum sub-synchronous frequency
– Intraharmonic level
– Non-synchronous level
– Gap (displacement input only)

Acquisition Control

– Run-up and run-down (coast down)
– On-line
– Barring (turning gear)


– Level Alarms
– Step Alarms
– Ellipse Alarms
– Vector Alarms
– Alarm Outputs (Type – voltage free)