TE 7530A Triaxial Charge Accelerometer

TE 7530A Triaxial Charge Accelerometer

The Model 7530A is a triaxial piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer designed for high frequency vibration and shock measurements. The accelerometer incorporates
three independent annular shear mode crystal assemblies installed with a compression ring that eliminates the usage of epoxies that can affect long term stability at elevated temperatures. The annular shear crystals also provide a stable thermal response up to +200°C and a nominal charge output of 5.6pC/g which offers optimum signal to noise ratio.



  • -73°C to +200°C Operating Range
  • Wide bandwidth up to 6kHz
  • Isolated Aluminum Housing
  • Annular Shear Mode Crystals
  • Independent Channels
  • Stable Temperature Response



  • Vibration & Shock Monitoring
  • High Temp Applications
  • Triaxial Applications
  • High Frequency Monitoring
  • General Purpose Usage