TE 7204A IEPE Accelerometer

TE 7204A IEPE Accelerometer

The Model 7204A is a case isolated high temperature IEPE accelerometer with internal shielding. The accelerometer has a flat bandwidth up to greater than 15kHz with a resonant frequency greater than 40kHz. The model 7204A is available in ±10 to ±500g ranges and has an operating temperature range up to +130°C. The unit is hermetically sealed and features the popular through hole mount installation for standard mounting screws. A three pin integral connector is featured as the electrical interface.



  • 43kHz Resonant Frequency
  • ±10g to ±500g Dynamic Range
  • Wide bandwidth up to 15kHz
  • Case Isolated, Internally Shielded
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Annular Shear Mode
  • Through Hole Mount
  • Stable Temperature Response
  • 3-Pin Connector



  • Health Usage Monitoring Systems
  • Flight Testing
  • Gearbox Vibration Monitoring
  • High Frequency Applications
  • Harsh Environments