TE 7134A Triaxial Accelerometer

TE 7134A Triaxial Accelerometer

The Model 7134A is a true case isolated triaxial IEPE accelerometer available in ±50g to ±500g dynamic ranges. The accelerometer features three internally shielded accelerometer assemblies for superior noise isolation. The assemblies are installed in a hermetically sealed light weight Titanium housing with a 4-pin Microtech connector interface. The model 7134A features piezo-ceramic crystals in annular shear mode which provide a flat frequency response up to >7kHz.



  • 4-pin Connector Interface
  • Wide bandwidth up to 7kHz
  • Screw Mounting
  • Titanium, Light Weight
  • Annular Shear Mode Crystals
  • Stable Temperature Response



  • Vibration & Shock Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Health Usage Monitoring Systems
  • Flight Testing
  • Harsh Environments