TE 7114A IEPE Accelerometer

TE 7114A IEPE Accelerometer

The Model 7114A is a high performance IEPE accelerometer available in ±5g to ±50g dynamic ranges. The stud mounted accelerometer features a welded hermetic construction with a side mount connector. The model 7114A incorporates stable piezo-ceramic crystals in annular shear mode which provide a wide bandwidth. The standard operating temperature range extends from -55°C to +125°C. For a miniature stud mount version please review model 7104A, available in ±50g to ±500g dynamic



  • ±5g to ±50g Dynamic Range
  • High Sensitivity, 1000mV/g
  • Welded Construction
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Annular Shear Mode
  • Stable Temperature Response



  • Vibration & Shock Monitoring
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Modal Applications
  • High Frequency Applications
  • General Purpose Usage