6AXX 6-Axis Force Torque Load Cell

6AXX 6-Axis Force Torque Load Cell

Interface’s 6-Axis load cell measures forces simultaneously in 3 mutually perpendicular axes and 3 simultaneous torques about those same axis. Six full bridges provide mV/V output on 6 independent channels.

Interface’s 6-Axis load cell is ideally suited to many industrial and scientific applications, such as aerospace, robotics, automotive, and medical research (orthopedics and biomechanical).

A 36-term coefficient matrix is included for calculating the load and torque values in each axis.

An 8-channel data acquisition/amplifier (Model BX8) with USB PC interface is also available which simplifies data analysis.

Click here for brochure BX8 with 6-Axis Sensors

  • Force and Torque in all 6 axes
  • Compact Size
  • Low Crosstalk
  • Temperature Compensated

Models 6A27, 6A40, 6A68, 6A80, 6A110, 6A130, 6A154, and 6A225 are available.