Condition Monitoring Systems



The Beran 768 Condition Monitoring System is an optimised solution for smaller turbines such as those used in Hydroelectric and Gas Pumping Installations. In addition, an alternative configuration utilising a multiplexed input option is ideal for auxiliary plant applications.

Designed around the Beran 766, the 768 System compliments the modular design of the Beran range. The system utilises the same Beran MS Windows Client Software, which provides full PC control of the Condition Monitoring System.

The system can monitor up to 4 tacho signals, 8 AC signals (32 Multiplexed), 16 local DC channels (up to 256 remote), 8 digital channels and has 8 alarm relay outputs. The multiplexed variant allows up to 4 plant items to be monitored.


Real-time Displays: FFT, Time Domain, Histogram, Text (Dynamic Channels), Text (Static DC) & Orbits
Historic Graphic Displays: Bode Plots, Polar Plots, 3D Polar Plots, Waterfall, Trend & Orbits


Dynamic Channels: 2, 4, 6 or 8
Input Type: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Non-Vibration
Tacho: 1, 2, 3 or 4
Static (DC): 0 or 16
Digital Inputs: 0 or 8 (TTL)
Configuration: 4 Normally Open, 4 Normally Closed

Measurement Functions

– 4 Orders (Order 1 and 3 further, user-selectable, to order 16)
– Overall level
– Sub-synchronous level
– Maximum sub-synchronous frequency
– Intraharmonic level
– Non-synchronous level
– Gap (displacement input only)

Acquisition Control

– Run-up and run-down (coast down)
– On-line
– Barring (turning gear)


– Level Alarms
– Step Alarms
– Ellipse Alarms
– Vector Alarms
– Alarm Outputs (Type – voltage free)