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6600 Optical Fiber Isolated 100 MSs Input Card GN401

6600 Optical Fiber Isolated 100 MSs Input Card GN401

NOTE: GN401 Receiver Card has been superceded by GN1202B

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Offers fiber optic isolation for high speed transient recorder applications. The isolated
system consists of a transmitter unit (GN110, GN111, GN112 or GN113) connected via fiber
optic cable to the GN401 receiver built into any GEN Series mainframe.

By converting the analog signal into a digital signal and transmit it via fiber optic cable to the receiver, the transmission does not add any drift or error to the measured signal. The
GN401 receiver records the digital signal from the GN110, GN111, GN112 and GN113.

The combination of transmitter and receiver form an integrated system of isolation and data
acquisition. The full transient and data recorder feature set of the GN401 together with the
powerful Perception software eliminate the need to use separate data acquisition
hardware or software.

The GN112 and GN113 offer continuous powered isolation at 1.8 kV RMS while the
GN110 and GN111 offer higher isolation options using battery power, with 24 hours battery operation time.

Special features:
– 4 analog channels per receiver
– Digital fiber optic link
– Calibrated isolated analog output
– 2 GByte memory
– Isolated, unbalanced differential inputs
– GN110 and GN111 battery powered transmitter (HV6600)
– GN112 and GN113 continuous power; 1.8 kV RMS isolation transmitter (MV6600)
– ± 20 mV to ± 100 V input ranges
– 25 or 100 MS/s sample rate transmitter
– 15 or 14 bit resolution
– Metal BNC inputs