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618 Proximity Sensor

618 Proximity Sensor

Electro-Sensors Model 618 is an 18mm unshielded proximity sensor.

The 618 is an active digital sensing device that generates one pulse per pass of an actuating target within its sensing field. No direct contact with the target material is necessary. Each sensor is entirely solid state with no moving parts to wear out. This provides for long life with little or no maintenance.

The wide range of supply voltages to the 600 Series permits them to be directly interfaced with low voltage solid state controls, such as programmable controllers and electromechanical relay loads. All sensors are polyurethane or epoxy encapsulated and are provided complete with mounting bracket, jam nuts, and 6 ft. of cable.

* Non-Contact Sensing
* Solid State-No Moving Parts
* Durable Corrosion Resistant Metal Housings
* High Speed Repeatability
* Short-Circuit and Reverse Polarity Protection
* Outputs CMOS Compatible
* Full Output Signal Down to Zero Hz
* LED Operation Indicator on all Models