TE 52M30 Crash Test Accelerometer

TE 52M30 Crash Test Accelerometer

The Model 52M30 accelerometer has an advanced piezoresistive MEMS sensing element which offers excellent dynamic range and stability. This unit features a full bridge output with an operating temperature range from -40 to +90°C and measurement ranges of ±50g to ±6,000g.  A slight amount of gas damping provides outstanding shock survivability and a flat amplitude response to 7kHz.


  • 2-10 Vdc Excitation
  • ±50g to ±6,000g Ranges
  • DC Response
  • ±10,000g Shock Protection
  • Transverse Sensitivity <3%
  • 6kHz Resonant Frequency
  • Linearity ±1%
  • Output Ratiometric to Excitation



  • Automotive crash testing
  • High impact research
  • Biomechanical studies
  • Shock testing