Microphone Cartridges

4954 1/4″ Free-Field Microphone

4954 1/4″ Free-Field Microphone

Type 4954 is a 1/4-inch Prepolarized Free-field microphone and is specially designed for high-level and high-frequency measurements.

The use of a laser welded stainless steel diaphragm and a stainless steel protection grid, make this microphone capable of withstanding rough environments.


  • High-frequency measurements
  • High-level measurements
  • Cost-effective measurements


  • Excellent amplitude and phase matching over wide ranges of temperature and humidityphase response
  • Excellent long-term stability through artificial aging and clean room assembly guarantee excellent long-term stability and low noise even in harsh environments
  • Side vented for pressure equalization.
  • The microphone does not need an external polarization voltage, thus enabling the use of inexpensive 2-wire system (CCLD) input.

Prepolarized Free-field Microphone Type 4954 has been optimised for a flat, free-field response and is suited for measurements far beyond the audible range. Due to its wide frequency range, the frequency response in the audible range is typically within ±1 dB.


Capacitance: 5.1 pF
Diameter: 1/4
Dynamic range: 35 – 165 dB
Frequency range: 4 – 100000 Hz
Inherent noise: 35 dB A
Lower limiting frequency -3dB: 3 Hz
Optimised: Free field
Polarization: Prepolarized
Polarization voltages: V
Pressure coefficient: -0.007 dB/kPa
Sensitivity: 3.16 mV/Pa
Standards: IEC 61094-4 WS3F
Temperature coefficient: 0.009 db/ºC
Temperature range: -40 – 150 C
Venting: Side
Weight: gram
Sound field: Free-field
Microphone type: Free field