Microphone Cartridges

4941 1/4″ Extremely High Level Pressure-Field Microphone

4941 1/4″ Extremely High Level Pressure-Field Microphone

Type 4941 is specially designed for measurement of very high levels. The robust construction of this microphone allows it to sustain burst pressure up to 201 dB without damage. Being externally polarized, Type 4941 must be used with a classical preamplifier.


  • Gunshot noise measurements
  • Fireworks noise measurements
  • Rocket noise measurements
  • General high-intensity measurements


Pressure-field microphones are optimised to have a flat frequency response in a pressure field. Pressure-field microphones should be used for making measurements in small, closed couplers or close to hard, reflective surfaces. Type 4941 is suited for all very high level measurements up to 20 kHz. If used in free-field conditions, Type 4941 should be used at 90 degrees angle of incidence and without the protection grid. Under these conditions, the free-field response will typically be better than 2 dB up to 20 kHz.


A laser-welded, extra thick and robust, stainless-steel diaphragm together with a special back-plate design ensure long-term stability and mechanical robustness


Type 4941 requires an external polarization voltage and must therefore be used with a classical preamplifier. Externally polarized microphones may be used at higher temperatures without severe changes in sensitivity.

Type 4941 is available in TEDS combinations with different classical preamplifiers. The TEDS microphone is considered one unit and has been sealed in a clean environment. The TEDS is programmed with the loaded sensitivity of the actual cartridge and the data is therefore readily available in the transducer. The default TEDS template is to IEEE P 1451.4 but TEDS to IEEE 1451.4 is available on request.


Capacitance: 3.3 pF
Diameter: 1/4
Dynamic range: 59 – 184 dB
Frequency range: 4 – 20000 Hz
Inherent noise: 59 dB A
Lower limiting frequency -3dB: 3 Hz
Optimised: High Pressure
Polarization: Ext polarized
Polarization voltages: 200 V
Pressure coefficient: dB/kPa
Sensitivity: 0.09 mV/Pa
Temperature coefficient: db/ºC
Temperature range: -40 – 150 C
Venting: Side
Weight: gram
Sound field: Special
Microphone type: High Pressure