TE 4610 Accelerometer

TE 4610 Accelerometer

The Model 4610 is an ultra-stable MEMS DC accelerometer with exceptional performance over a full operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. The accelerometers are available in ranges from ±2 to ±200g with a wide bandwidth from DC to 2000Hz.

The model 4610 accelerometers incorporate gas damped variable capacitance MEMS sensing element with integral over-range stops for high-g shock protection. The accelerometers are designed for 4 to 30Vdc excitation voltage and include a self-test option.

  • Ultra-Stable, DC to 2000Hz Response
  • Exceptional Thermal Performance
  • <2.0% Total Error Band
  • <0.1% Linearity Accuracy
  • Self-test Function Included

For a triaxial version, TE Connectivity also offers the model 4630 and 4835A accelerometers.