Microphone Cartridges

4145 1-inch Free-Field Microphone

4145 1-inch Free-Field Microphone

Type 4145 is a 1-inch free-field microphone designed for low-level and laboratory free-field measurements. The specifications of Type 4145 also make it suitable for sound pressure measurements in accordance with IEC 61672 Class 1. When fitted with Random Incidence Corrector UA-0055, Type 4145 can also be used for random-incidence measurements.


  • Low-level measurements
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Complies with IEC 61094 – 4 WS1F


The sensitivity of Type 4145 can be calibrated at 250 Hz using Pistonphone Type 4228, or at 1 kHz using Sound Level Calibrator Type 4231. The pressure-field response can be measured using Electrostatic Actuator UA 0023.

Diameter:  1
Dynamic range:  10.2 – 146 dB