Microphone Cartridges

4144 1-Inch Pressure Field Microphone

4144 1-Inch Pressure Field Microphone

Type 4144 is a 1″ pressure-field microphone, that is, a microphone where the damping of the diaphragm is such that the pressure frequency response is flat over a wide frequency range. Hence no correction is needed to the pressure response below 8 kHz.

The use of pressure-field microphones is recommended where measurementof the local pressure is of interest, for instance for coupler measurements or measurements at walls or surfaces. The excellent stability of Type 4144 combined with its low inherent noise and high sensitivity makes it the perfect choice for coupler measurements and other laboratory type measurements.


  • Coupler measurements
  • Audiometer calibration
  • Low-frequency, low-level measurements
  • Laboratory standard microphone


The sensitivity of Type 4144 can be calibrated at 250 Hz using Pistonphone Type 4228, or at 1 kHz using Sound Level Calibrator Type 4231. The pressure-field response can be measured using Electrostatic Actuator UA 0023. Insert voltage calibration can be performed using Preamplifier Type 2673 with Adaptor UA 0786.