Microphone Cartridges

4138 1/8-Inch Pressure Field Microphone

4138 1/8-Inch Pressure Field Microphone

Type 4138 is designed for high-level and very high-frequency measurements and measurements in confined spaces. Being externally polarized, Type 4138 must be used with a classical preamplifier.


  • High-level and very high-frequency measurements
  • Applications which require a high degree of spatial resolution or where space is limited, for example, model testing


Pressure-field microphones should be used for making measurements in small, closed couplers or close to hard, reflective surfaces. Such microphones are optimised to have a flat frequency response in a pressure field. Because of its small size, Type 4138 can also be used for random-incidence measurements at audio frequencies, where its frequency response is less dependent on angle of incidence.


Type 4138 requires an external polarization voltage and therefore must be used with a classical preamplifier such as Brüel & Kjær Type 2670 together with 1/8″ to 1/4″ Adaptor UA-0160.


The sensitivity of Type 4138 can be calibrated at 250 Hz using Pistonphone Type 4228, or at 1 kHz using Sound Calibrator Type 4231, in both cases using Adaptor DP-0774. The pressure-field response can be measured using Electrostatic Actuator UA-0033 with Actuator Adaptor DB-0900.


Diameter:  1/8
Lower limiting frequency -3dB:  5 Hz
Microphone type:  Pressure Field