3AR Series Round 3-Axis Load Cells

3AR Series Round 3-Axis Load Cells

The 3A Series 3-Axis Load Cell is ideally suited to many industrial and scientific applications, such as aerospace, robotics, automotive and medical research (orthopedics and bio-mechanical). The load cell is provided in various capacity ranges and sizes with each of the three axes providing the same capacity. We are happy to work with your design needs providing a custom design, if warranted, for varying capacities (between X, Y, and Z), or higher temperature capability.

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  • 3-Axis – Fx Fy Fz; independent bridges
  • Capacities – 10KN to 500KN
  • Compact size
  • Low crosstalk
  • Temperature compensated
  • Optional BSC4A Amplifier can provide scaled analog outputs for all 3 channels simultaneously
  • Optional BSC4D PC Interface Module can log, graph and display data for all 3 channels simultaneously






U.S. dimensions and capacities are provided for conversion only. Standard products have International System of Units (SI) capacities and dimensions.