Microphone Preamplifiers

2695 DeltaTron 1/2-Inch Short CCLD Preamplifier

2695 DeltaTron 1/2-Inch Short CCLD Preamplifier

A very compact preamplifier designed for acoustical measurements with a CCLD input module in a wide range of environmental conditions and in narrow spaces. Prepolarized microphones can be connected to the preamplifier.


  • Coupler measurement
  • Measurements where space is limited


  • 10 – 32 UNF output connector
  • Connects directly to CCLD sockets
  • Low output impedance allowing the use of long extension cables
  • ICP® compatible
  • Supports “Smart Transducer Interface” IEEE P 1451.4 containing TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)


Diameter: 1/2
Optimised for: Short CCLD
Connector at preamplifier: 10 – 32 UNF
Supply voltage: 28
Max output voltage (peak): 7
Max output current (peak): 19
Frequency range: 20 to 50000
Attenuation: < 0.2
Noise A-weighted, typical: 4
Noise 22,4 Hz to 300 kHz, typical: 12
Input impedance: 1.7||0.4