Speed Measurement

255 Pulser Disc

255 Pulser Disc

Heavy Duty Pulser Discs are constructed of nylon, PVC, aluminum, or stainless steel. Pulser Discs can be used with any Electro-Sensors Hall Effect or Magneto Resistive Sensors.

The discs are designed with magnets of alternating polarity (N-S-N-S) imbedded in the face of the disc on the outside edge, or on the outside circumference. The end of the shaft to be monitored is center drilled and tapped and the discs are mounted on the end of the shaft. The magnets serve as targets for Hall Effect sensors, which switch as a result of exposure to the changing magnetic poles.

Pulser Discs are available in 3 standard configurations: Quarter Inch Magnets mounted on the face of the disc, Half Inch Magnets mounted on the face (for larger gap distance), and Edge Read – magnets mounted on the outer circumference. Special discs can be custom manufactured to meet specific needs. Steel targets can be substituted for magnets on aluminum or PVC discs for use with proximity sensors.

Model 255 is a 4″ Nylon Pulser Disc with 16 face mounted magnets. The 255 Pulser Disc is the standard disc for most Electro-Sensors systems.

* Non-Contact Sensing
* Up to ½ inch Gap Distance
* End-Of-Shaft Mount
* Nylon, PVC, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel available
* Custom Sizes
* Customized Number of Pulses
* Impervious to Water, Grease, Dust, Oil, Dirt, Etc.