Load Cells / Force Transducers

2200 Calibration Column Load Cell

2200 Calibration Column Load Cell

Model 2200 is a Calibration Grade Column Load Cell that is lightweight and portable for use in the field. This product is also excellent for performing calibrations in the lab as well.

Many customers perform 100 and 200K E4 calibrations of material test machines in the field. The 1600 series is often too heavy for field use with a weight of 52 lbs and 146 lbs respectively for 100 and 200K load cells. Interface has developed the relatively lightweight portable 2232 (weighs 35lbs) and 2240 (weighs 45lbs) series column load cells to use for field testing applications. These are very accurate column cells and come with handles to facilitate transportation from the vehicle to the job site.

  • Capacities from 100K – 200K lbf (445kN – 889kN)
  • Quadruple the gages of standard column cell
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Models 2230 and 2240 are available.



• Compression-only available (Ask factory for specifications and dimensions)
• Multiple bridge
• Standardized output
• ASTM E74 calibration
• Special thread size