Low Profile Load Cells

1000 High Capacity Fatigue Rated Low Profile Load Cell

1000 High Capacity Fatigue Rated Low Profile Load Cell

Model 1000 is a fatigue rated load cell with 300% overload protection, extremely low moment sensitivity of 0.1%/in and a higher fatigue life than competitive stainless steel load cells. If you need to measure 1lb (4.45N) or 1 million pounds of force (4500kN), Interface load cells can do it. With many variants and configurations our fatigue-rated load cells provide up to 100 million fully rendered cycles. The gaged sensors in every load cell are individually inspected and tested, and certified to meet our rigid standards.

  • Proprietary Interface temperature compensated strain gages
  • Performance to 0.06%
  • Eccentric load compensated
  • Low deflection
  • 0.0008%/°F (.0015%/°C) temp. effect on output
  • Barometric compensation
  • Shunt calibration
  • E74 NIST Traceable Tension and Compression Calibration (Optional)

Options Available for 2nd and 3rd Bridge.

Models 1040, 1044, 1052, 1060, 1080, and 1090 are available.