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ZZZ – MP85A EASYswitch Process Controller

ZZZ – MP85A EASYswitch Process Controller

OBSOLETE PRODUCT – page for information and support purposes only.

Process Controller MP85A-S EASYswitch: For efficient haptics testing and functional testing

With its two universal digital signal inputs, the MP85A-S industrial process controller simultaneously captures a wide range of measurement data on the function and haptics of switch and closing systems in just one test cycle.

MP85A-S EASYswitch is used, for example, in end-of-line tests in the automotive and furniture industry, including the testing of switches as well as of drawer and clasp elements. With its powerful switching point algorithms, tolerance windows and fast limit value alarms, the intelligent process controller can be individually adapted to ensure 100% quality control – so that switches and locking systems always function reliably in the future.

MP85A-S EASYswitch checks up to 5 switching elements at the same time, visualizes the measured data in real-time, and allows for quick and uncomplicated production changes with 1,000 storage spaces for recipes (setting sets). At the same time, the comprehensive and multi-level FASTpress Suite software package simplifies configuration and data evaluation and documentation.

  • Accuracy class: 0,1
  • Device interfaces: Industrial Ethernet, Digital I / Os and fieldbus
  • Storage for recipes (set of settings): 1,000

Complete evaluation

  • 2-channel evaluation in y / x or y / t mode
  • Intelligent real-time data reduction
  • Simultaneous testing of up to 5 switching elements
  • Switching point position, operation, direction and repetitions, as well as actuating force and torque in the switching test window
  • Fault-free process monitoring with diagnostics, fault and alarm signaling
  • Real-time visualization of measurement and process data
  • Comprehensive control with tolerance window and limit value evaluations

100% quality control and process monitoring in real-time with powerful algorithms and alarming

Universal Use

  • Two universal measuring inputs for strain gages, inductive half and full bridges, counters and SSI rotary encoders
  • Quick access to up to 1,000 stored set sets (recipes)
  • Detection of the smallest part load areas with a high 24-bit resolution
  • High EMC resistance
  • Easy installation and parameterization with PME assistants as well as TEDS sensor detection

Can be used in a wide range of applications, due to test parameters that can be stored individually.

Stand-alone or cross-linked

  • Free “PME assistant” software for parameterization
  • Easy documentation of process data and IO / NIO events in ASCII, Q-DAS or IPM data format via Ethernet or internal memory card
  • Powerful software FASTpress Suite and INDUSTRYmonitor available for production and program example for all common fieldbuses

Easy start-up and comprehensive documentation with free PME assistant and comprehensive software suite

MPA85A-S-EASYswitch provides you with an extensive range of products:

  • FASTpress-Suite: the comprehensive software for process control in production and end-of-line testing
  • Application Programmers Interface (API) for programming individual applications
  • ePLAN macros available for free download
  • Display and control terminals (on request)
  • Sensors for many testing and monitoring tasks