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WTS-BS-1 Wireless Handheld Display – Unlimited Transmitters

WTS-BS-1 Wireless Handheld Display – Unlimited Transmitters

The WTS-BS-1 is a roaming handheld allowing the operator to cycle the display between all available transmitter modules and forms part of the WTS modular telemetry system.

The data sent by transmitter modules can be utilized by multiple receivers such as displays, handheld readers, analog outputs, relay modules and computer interfaces. Receivers support common industrial power supplies and are available in robust IP rated enclosures with internal antennas optimized to give outstanding coverage.

The WTS-BS-1 does not require pre-configuration of associated transmitters and will wake transmitters as they come within wireless range. Two AA batteries power the handheld which has been designed for low power operation.

The WTS Toolkit software offers a fast and simple way to configure the display format.

  • Roams between transmitters in range
  • Sleep / wake
  • Auto shutdown
  • Rugged construction