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LDS V8750  Medium-Force Shaker – NEW

LDS V8750 Medium-Force Shaker – NEW

An air-cooled electrodynamic shaker used in R&D and production for vibration and mechanical shock testing of medium-to-large payloads up to 600 kg (1323 lb) as standard, such as the batteries of electric and hybrid vehicles. It has a peak sine force rating of 35.6 kN (8000 lbf).

The LDS® V8750 shaker system continues the long-standing reliability of the LDS V875LS and takes it to a new level, with outstanding shock performance, energy consumption savings, intuitive user interface, preventive maintenance system diagnostics and LDS’s Inductive Centering System (ICS).

The LDS® V8750 series shaker system is ideal for vibration and mechanical shock testing with sinusoidal, random, or transient excitation in research and development as well as production in the aerospace, automotive and transport and packaging industries. It is suitable for high shock testing, general load testing, product qualification and packaging testing.





Available in two interchangeable armature sizes, V8750-440 and V8750-640, the LDS V8750 offers unparalleled flexibility as it can be easily optimized for tests or payloads.

With its new air-cooled, medium-force design, the LDS V8750 + XPA-K shaker system meets the demanding shock test specifications (for example, 150 g 0.5 ms, 150 g 6 ms, 100 g 11 ms, 100 g 6 ms, 50 g 11 ms and 50 g 6 ms) with sensibly sized payloads in standard configurations.

The shakers come with a non-contact and non-optical Inductive Centering System (ICS) that is unaffected by environmental conditions such as dust and heat. This makes the shaker immune to variables that can cause armature drift and eliminates the need for regular calibration and sensor maintenance.

The LDS V8750 + XPA-K shaker system also features an energy consumption mode (COOL mode) that automatically adjusts system settings to reduce the power consumption required for a test. In addition, the system offers the option to reduce noise by operating the shaker without a fan at low power (QUIET mode). All these functions can be easily activated or deactivated via the intuitive user interface of the XPA-K amplifier.

Finally, the shaker system is equipped with sensors that continuously monitor the status of the system. This data is available to the user in real time via the amplifier’s touchscreen interface. To support preventive maintenance and fault detection, this data is also stored in the amplifier for subsequent analysis.


V8750 shakers can be fitted with several options to meet your specific needs: mounted on an air-isolation trunnion with body rotation gear box (as standard), combined with one of our oil-film slip tables to enable horizontal as well as vertical vibration, or base-mounted for under-chamber operation. A range of guided and unguided head expanders are available as standard.

Moreover, the LDS V8750 is compatible with environmental testing equipment, including AGREE chambers. Thermal barriers are available to protect the shakers from high temperatures during these tests. Depending on the size and mass of the payloads, head expanders can also be added to increase the mounting surface and ensure that larger devices are safely and comfortably fastened for testing.