3D Testing

GOM Correlate Pro Software

GOM Correlate Pro Software

GOM Correlate Pro

Digital image correlation and point tracking algorithms for 3D testing data


Thanks to GOM Correlate Pro, you can capture measuring data from pictures and motion picture material. Such videos can provide accurate recordings and individual analysis of dynamic processes. These then can be evaluated for specific purposes. The software analyzes strains, displacements, velocities, accelerations, rotations, angles and changes in angle, and much more. GOM Correlate Pro uses digital image correlation and point tracking algorithms to measure 3D coordinates with subpixel accuracy and tracks them over time. Motions and deformations can be captured and evaluated in 3D space.



Fast analyses with GOM Correlate Pro

GOM Correlate Pro boasts numerous functions – some of which can be customized – to capture, analyze and process measuring data. GOM Correlate Pro will simplify your data evaluations – thus saving time and costs.

Faster and more efficient evaluations

Our is based on a parametric concept. Thanks to version control, you can keep track of all process steps, edit them and re-run them, thus accelerating the evaluation of the measuring data and ensuring ease-of-use of the software.

  • Project templates for faster evaluations and automated reporting.
  • Definition of different coordinate systems for evaluations, including the application for rigid body motion compensations.
  • Extensive filter options for all measuring data.

Optimal features for your process

GOM Correlate Pro has a wide range of helpful features that will optimize both your process and workflow, such as:

  • CAD and FEM import plus alignments
  • Extensive evaluation features: 6DoF analyses, trajectories, virtual extensometers, scan data in combination with motion measurement
  • Measurement of standard geometries with GOM Touch Probe and of measuring points that are not directly visible using adapters
  • Sensor connectivity: generic USB cameras, ARAMIS sensors and photogrammetry solutions
  • Python interface: record, save, edit and re-use software operations for semi-automated evaluations.


Customize GOM Correlate Pro to meet your needs

GOM Correlate Pro gives you the option to add all the functionalities you might need. Just choose from the following packages:

  • Determination of material characteristics based on tensile, Nakajima and bulge tests
  • Import of FEM data sets and full-field comparison between measuring data & simulation data
  • Thermo-mechanical deformation analysis using temperature data from thermographic cameras



GOM Correlate Pro in action

Pictures say more than a thousand word. See for yourself how other customers are using GOM Correlate Pro and the amazing versatility that the software offers.

Check out these Videos below!


Get started now – with ZEISS Quality Suite!

GOM Correlate Pro has extensive digital image correlation capabilities and captures and measures 3D coordinates with sub-pixel accuracy. You can create and customize your own project templates. You’ll also achieve efficient throughput thanks to improved software workflows, more compatibility options and packages with software add-ons. Within the ZEISS Quality Suite you can easily access all our services, trainings, updates, feature packages and more. Convince yourself now and experience the numerous advantages of GOM Correlate Pro – with our free trial version, which you can easily activate in your ZEISS Quality Suite. After the 14-days trial period, you can continue to use the basic version of GOM Correlate free of charge without any obligations.