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FS65 Optical Accelerometer

FS65 Optical Accelerometer

High Performance Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Accelerometer

FS65 Optical Accelerometer is designed to be used in a large range of monitoring applications, where low frequency and small amplitude vibrations are present.

Simultaneous measurement of vibration along different axes is possible using multiple accelerometers.


  • Inherent immunity to all electromagnetic effects (EMI, RFI, sparks, etc)
  • Electrical isolation

Safe operation in hazardous environments (e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres, high voltage areas and intense electromagnetic fields)


  • Connection of a large number of sensors to a single optical fiber
  • Multipoint measurements

Reduction of installation complexity: much simpler sensing networks and cabling


  • Based on the measurement of an absolute parameter – the Bragg wavelength – independent of power fluctuations

Self-referenced: high quality measurements with long term stability and low losses even in remote sensing


  • Outstanding aluminum case design
  • IP68 rated and armor cables

Enhanced lifetime: even under adverse conditions (humidity, salt, EMF, pressure…)