TE 64C Crash Test Accelerometer

TE 64C Crash Test Accelerometer

The TE Connectivity model 64C crash test accelerometer is a remarkable MEMS piezoresistive sensor specifically designed for auto safety testing in both crush zone and anthropomorphic dummy applications. The accelerometer features a full bridge output configuration with ideal gas damping tailored for outstanding shock survivability and a flat frequency response to  >8kHz. The model 64C accelerometer has a standard cross-talk accuracy of <3% (with option for <1%), a standard ZMO of <±25mV and a linearity accuracy specification of <±1.0%.

The model 64C ATD dummy test accelerometer is offered in ranges from ±50 to ±6000g and has a standard operating temperature range of -40°C to +121°C. The nominal 4000Ω bridge impedance limits current draw resulting in quick warm-up time and minimal drift, unlike lower impedance designs on the market which are subject to much longer warm-up time due to gage heating effects.

* Users of the model 64C accelerometer are strongly recommended to also review the model 64X accelerometer which is the latest evolution of the TE Connectivity 64 series crash test sensors.



  • Standard <3% Transverse Sensitivity
  • Wide bandwidth to >8kHz
  • Standard <20mV ZMO
  • Linearity <1%
  • 10,000g Shock Protection
  • 2-10Vdc Excitation
  • IP66 Environmentally Sealed
  • Optimum Gas Damping
  • <10sec Warm-Up Time



  • Anthropomorphic Dummy Instrumentation
  • Crush Zone Testing
  • Pedestrian Impact Testing
  • Auto Safety Testing Applications
  • Shock and Impact Testing
  • Transient Drop Testing