TE 64B Crash Test Accelerometer

TE 64B Crash Test Accelerometer

The TE Connectivity model 64B is an exceptional piezoresistive MEMS accelerometer designed for both crush zone and anthropomorphic dummy instrumentation. The accelerometer features a full bridge output configuration with ideal gas damping tailored for outstanding shock survivability and a flat frequency response to >8kHz.

The model 64B accelerometer has a standard cross-talk accuracy of <3% (with option for <1%), a standard ZMO of <±25mV and a linearity accuracy specification of <±1.0%.

The model 64B crash test accelerometer is offered in ranges from ±50 to ±6000g and has a standard operating temperature range of -40°C to +121°C. The sensor is fully encapsulated in Stycast for IP66 environmental protection rating. The nominal 4000Ω bridge impedance limits current draw resulting in quick warm-up time and minimal drift, unlike lower impedance designs on the market which are subject to much longer warm-up time due to gage heating effects.



  • Standard <3% Transverse Sensitivity
  • Wide bandwidth to >8kHz
  • Standard <20mV ZMO
  • Linearity <1%
  • 10,000g Shock Protection
  • 2-10Vdc Excitation
  • IP66 Environmentally Sealed
  • Optimum Gas Damping
  • <10sec Warm-Up Time



  • Anthropomorphic Dummy Instrumentation
  • Crush Zone Testing
  • Pedestrian Impact Testing
  • Auto Safety Testing Applications
  • Shock and Impact Testing
  • Transient Drop Testing