Acoustic Calibrators

4297 Sound Intensity Calibrator

4297 Sound Intensity Calibrator

Sound Intensity Calibrator Type 4297 is used for on-site sound-pressure calibration and pressure-residual intensity-index verification.


  • Measurement and verification of pressure-residual intensity index
  • Sound-pressure calibration at 251.2 Hz (Type 1 IEC 60942)

The most important and unique feature of Type 4297 is that there is no need to dismantle the sound-intensity probe for calibration.The calibrator is optimised for use with Hand-held Sound Intensity Analyzer Type 2270 G, but it can also be used with sound intensity analysis systems based on PULSE™.

Type 4297 is a complete sound-intensity calibrator in one compact, portable unit with built-in sound sources. The acoustic feedback system automatically adjusts for variations in atmospheric pressure and fulfils the IEC 61043 standard.