Torque Sensors

T40MC Marine Torque Transducer

T40MC Marine Torque Transducer

T40MC: Certified Transducer for Determining the Load Signal of Ship Engines

The high-precision T40MC torque transducer acquires the load signal from ship engines, which is determined by measuring the torque in the drive train. This is essential for saving fuel and reducing emissions, for example, in dual-fuel or gas engines, as well as minimizing the transition time when switching from one fuel or energy source to another. Unlike the data from conventional shaft power meters, T40MC calibration data can be traced back to the national standard. The installation of the T40MC in new and existing ship engines is especially easy and stands out for its neutral installation space requirements as the transducer can be simply fitted into the coupling.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.15
  • Integration in existing ships with neutral installation requirements
  • Marine-certified product (DNV-GL, ABS, BV, KR, CCS, RINA, Ice Class BV1A)

Made for retrofitting

  • Integration directly at the coupling with neutral installation requirements
  • Extremely rigid sensor design for high vibration resistance during operation
  • Complete package, including expandable analog and digital signal outputs
  • Flexible integration into the ships’ control systems

Easy and comfortable upgrade for existing ships


  • Direct torque measurement up to 125 kN·m
  • Very accurate load signal
  • Calibration data traceable to the national standard

Reduction of fuel consumption and emissions by creating optimum operating conditions in the ship engines


  • Non-contacting transmission of measurement signals, 100% maintenance-free
  • Fast control and regulation to ensure a very low signal delay
  • Parameters are preserved even through a power failure

Cost savings thanks to a long service life and reduced downtime due to maintenance