Torque Sensors

T40FH Torque Flange

T40FH Torque Flange

T40FH: Measure High Torque with Precise Torque Flange

The T40FH torque sensor is first choice for measuring extremely high torque. It improves productivity and efficiency when measuring high torque – also for applications that have as yet required the use of very costly special equipment.

The rotating version of the T40FH, is the ideal solution for power test benches for ship’s main engines or tests in the offshore industry. Through its integrated electronics in the rotating version, it is easy to use and offers fast measurement results. The non-rotating version of the T40FH torque flange is suitable for calibration tasks in particular.

Nominal (rated) torque values ranging from 100 kN·m through to 300 kN·m are covered, the maximum permissible rotational speed of the rotating version depends on the model and ranges from 2,000 rpm through to 3,000 rpm. As an option, an integrated magnetic rotational speed measuring system with 72/86 pulses per revolution is available.

Your Benefits

  • Cost-effective and maintenance-free: T40FH comes without bearings or slip rings
  • Easy to use: the rotating version features integrated electronics, easy control and fast measurement results
  • Reliable: based on proven T40 torque transducer family

Key Features

  • Nominal (rated) torque: 100 kN·m, 125 kN·m, 150 kN·m, 200 kN·m, 250 kN·m, 300 kN·m
  • Nominal (rated) rotational speed: from 2,000 to 3,000 rpm
  • Available in rotating and non-rotating versions
  • Without bearings or slip rings
  • Short design
  • Optional magnetic speed measuring system with 72/86 pulses per rotation depending on measuring range