Transport Shock Monitoring

MONI LOG® ShockDisplay curve

MONI LOG® ShockDisplay curve

Exact evidence of the transport quality

  • Extremely rugged design
  • Records the 100 greatest mechanical shocks and time graphs
  • Detects direction, amplitude, time, duration, minimum and maximum of the impact
  • Inclination measuring on board, password protection
  • Easy to operate, display, long operating time
  • USB port
  • Including efficient analysis software

The extremely rugged shock measuring device stores information about the 100 greatest shocks as soon as inclination data. It can be programmed using the function keys and guided by menus, or using special configuration software.

The shocks are shown on the display with various parameters and alarm function. Two keys allow to scroll the display content. In addition, the 100 greatest shocks and inclination events are saved in the form of a signal graph to facilitate precise evaluation. The electronic unit is optimsed for long operating periods using standard batteries. Thanks to the real-time measurement, measured values can also be recorded while data transmission is in progress, so that a real „zero” ms reactiontime can be realized in case of shock events.

A very user-friendly software concept was realized in conjunction with the file system and USB interface. The device is mulit-stage password-protected. Employing state-of-the-art technologies makes it possible to manufacture this device at reasonable costs, thereby complying of EC Directives.

Technical data
Parameters:100 shock events with the greatest amplitude, three-dimensional, events are also stored in the form of signal graphs with a duration of 1,024 ms at 2 kHz sampling rate, digital and analog signal filters with a stock width of 1 … 512 Hz, display of graphs and frequency analysis according to DIN EN 13011 with the help of external software; Inclination measuring by clock pulsing monitoring as also trigger tie in 0 …1 Hz dynamic range
Controls:Illuminated LC display and four function keys; displayed parameters: date, time, space vector, shock amplitude, shock duration, minimum, maximum, number of events, alarm to acceleration events; password-protected menu structure
Connections:RS-232 and USB 1.1 to link the device to a PC for configuration and data evaluation
Case:Aluminum, coated, IP 65 degree of protection
Ambient conditions:–20 … +65 °C – no restrictions; max. 98 % humidity, no dew formation for applications in different environments please enquire about custom-made solutions
Power supply:2x size C or size D batteries of alkaline, NiMH, Li (on request) or external batteries
(2 … 10 V); 2,500 h (size C) or 6000 h (size D) operating time with alkaline batteries
Weight:860 g incl. batteries (C), 1100 g incl. batteries (D)
Dimensions:206 x 100 x 40 mm (C), 215 x 100 x 43 mm (D)
Fix parameters:Measuring ranges 5, 10, 20 or 50 G and special models, filter characteristic of the digital frequency filter up to 512 Hz
Programmable parameters:Recording threshold from 5 % of the measuring range, minimal time of event up to 1 ms, alarm threshold to shock amplitude, recording threshold to inclination measuring, ON/OFF protection, password protection, clock-time adjustment,
display-language (DE, EN, FR)
Software:WIN 2000/XP, graphically and schedular signal analysis with messaging, frequency analysis on DIN EN 13011, device parameterisation, display of device condition and active times, help function, multilingual menu navigation (DE, EN, FR)