Transport Shock Monitoring

MONI LOG® ShockDisplay curve plus

MONI LOG® ShockDisplay curve plus

Exact evidence of the transport quality

  • Extremely robust shock recorder
  • Registers all mechanical shock events and stores the 100 largest with signal process graphs
  • Detects directions, amplitude, time, duration, minimum and maximum of the impact
  • Built-in GPS receiver for exact positioning
  • Inclination measuring on board
  • Easy operation, display, alarm function, long operating time
  • Combination sensor for pressure, temperature and humidity
  • Powerful analysis software
  • Tamper-proof, multi-level password protection


Power transformers, generators, turbines and switchgears have highly sensitive inner workings. The extremely robust data logger monitors even the slightest effects during the special transport of such power generation and distribution plants.

Highly sensitive shock sensors register the 100 largest shock events with direction, strength, time, duration, minimum and maximum values of the effect. Slow inclinations, for example, the rolling of a ship, are also measured. The complete signal characteristic of each shock and inclination event is stored. To this end, the ShockDisplay curve plus determines the precise position using its built-in GPS receiver. An external sensor can be used to record additional parameters synchronously, for example, temperature relative humidity and absolute air pressure – important for transport under inert gas, or for processes sensitive to temperature and moisture.

The powerful SYCUR analysis software is included. Tampering is prevented by password protection, internal memory backup, checksums and logging of all events relevant for the measuring. The unit enables the causes of transport damage to be determined exactly over very long periods. The ShockDisplay curve plus fulfills all shock measurement and transport monitoring standards and guidelines.


Technical data
Shock measurement: 100 shock events with the largest amplitude, three-dimensional (X/Y/Z), also stored as signal characteristic with 1024 ms duration at 2 kHz sampling rate, measurement range 5, 10 or 20 G as well as special versions, frequency range 1 … 512 Hz (3 dB, digital frequency filter, Bessel 4th order), minimum shock duration recording level adjustable for each shock direction
Inclination measurement: -1 g to +1 g corresponds to -90° to +90° inclination angle, additional 64 acceleration curves within the range from -6 g to +6 g in 3D axes, dynamic frequency range 0 to 1Hz, measurement interval can be set in minutes, recording period up to 16,000 measurement intervals, self-calibrating in relation to the earth‘s axis
Temperature, humidity, pressure measurement: factory-calibrated combination sensor;
temperature -40 to +85°C, 0.1K resolution, ±1K accuracy,
humidity 0.2-100% RH, 0.1 %RH resolution, accuracy ±3 % RH (20 – 80 %RH),
±5 %RH (0-100 %RH), pressure 260 – 1260mbar, 1mbar resolution, accuracy ± 1 mbar (T=25°C), ±2 mbar (0°C to + 80°C)
Display and controls: illuminated display and four function buttons, multilingual and password-protected menu navigation
Connections: RS-232 and USB 1.1 for linking to a PC for configuration and evaluation
Case, mass, dimensions: Painted aluminium, IP 65 rating (special solutions for increased requirements on request) 1.1 kg with batteries, 218 x 100 x 44 mm
Ambient conditions: -20 … +75°C with alkaline batteries, -40 … +80°C with lithium batteries, -20 … +65°C with rechargeable batteries, max. 98% relative humidity, non-condensing, special versions for increased requirements
Power supply: 2 type D (R20) cells: alkaline, NiMH, Li (on request) or connection of external batteries with 2 to 10 V possible, operating time up to 6000 h with alkaline batteries
Fixed parameters: Measurement ranges 5, 10, 20 G (special versions on request). Filter characteristic of the digital frequency filter up to 512 Hz
Programmable parameters: recording level from 5 % of the measuring range end value, min. event duration 1ms, alarm thresholds for shock amplitude, recording level to inclination measurement, password and on/off protection, time, language (DE, EN, FR)
Software: for WIN Vista/7/8/10 operating systems, graphic and tabular signal analysis with export functions, frequency analysis to EN 13011, device parameterization, display of the device‘s status data and active periods, Help function,
multilingual menu navigation (DE, EN, FR)