Transport Shock Monitoring

MONI LOG® Combination sensor for data logger

MONI LOG® Combination sensor for data logger

  • Temperature, humidity and pressure measurement in one sensor
  • Suitable for MONILOG® EnDaL curve / ShockDisplay curve plus
  • Four designs from stainless steel to plastic, clean room version available
  • High-precision, with long-term stability
  • Integrated measurement electronics
  • Factory calibration including certificate
  • Compact, robust, special customized solutions



  • The MONILOG® combi-sensor enables temperature, humidity and pressure measurement in one sensor.
  • The data loggers EnDaL curve and ShockDisplay curve plus can be supplemented as additional external sensors.
  • They are either plugged directly into the device or mounted externally.
  • With integrated measurement electronics, the combi-sensors can transmit the recorded values up to 40 m, in the variant with a pressure sensor up to 10 m, to the data loggers.
  • Four standard designs are available for various uses, e.g. for the transport of large transformers: Here, compressed air or nitrogen prevents particles or moisture from entering the internal active part of the transformer.
  • The combi-sensor monitors pressure and air humidity and records changes during transport or storage.
  • With transport data loggers, combined with combi-sensors, the packaging and logistics of climatically sensitive products can be monitored and optimized, including dew point monitoring and condensation control.
  • Or they document compliance with logistics regulations when transporting highly sensitive optical systems or lithography systems.
  • The combi-sensors have a long-term stability and their measurements are extremely precise even under extreme conditions.
  • They are supplied calibrated, with a factory certificate, and they can be used immediately – also in customized designs.


Temperature measurement: -40°C to +85°C, resolution 0,1 K, accuracy ±1 K
Humidity measurement: 0.2 to 100% RH, 0.1 % RH resolution, accuracy ±3 %RH (20 – 80 % RH), ±5 %RH (0 – 100 % RH)
Pressure measurement: 26 to 1.260 mbar, ±1 mbar (T=25°C), ±2 mbar (0°C to +80°C)
Power supply: 5 V, 20 mA directly from EnDal curve or ShockDisplay curve plus
Signals: Special log for EnDal curve or ShockDisplay curve plus
Use: Special transport and overseas shipping, aerospace, test and trial sections, storage and packaging optimisation, agriculture, medicine, environmental engineering, art shipping