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ZZZ – GN412 Differential 100MSs Input Card

ZZZ – GN412 Differential 100MSs Input Card

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For ultra fast signals, the 100 MS/s high speed
digitizer board is equipped with four channels
sampling at high speed.

The basic signal conditioner provides four channels of balanced differential voltage inputs from ± 20 mV to ± 100 V full scale with full offset and auto-zero capability.

With selectable 6-pole Bessel anti-aliasing
filtering and 14 bit resolution, these inputs turn the GEN series into an extremely fast transient recorder. Enhanced resolution mode increases input resolution to 16 bit at speeds of 10 MS/s or lower.

The inputs feature a fully differential amplifier offering good common mode rejection and enabling off ground measurements.

The on-board transient memory size is 1 GSample (2 GByte). The memory is shared among enabled channels. Each channel also features two set-points for trigger or alarm purposes. Extensive acquisition and trigger modes allow many different ways to capture valuable data even at the highest sample rates. All channels are synchronously sampled at full speed without multiplexing and almost immeasurable crosstalk. The model uses standard metal BNC connectors, whose shells are connected to ground. The inputs are 1 MO impedance and are compatible with probes.

The full transient and data recorder feature set of the GN412 together with the powerful
Perception software eliminate the need to use
separate data acquisition hardware or

Special features:
– 4 analog channels
– Balanced differential inputs
– ± 20 mV to ± 100 V input ranges
– User selectable digital Bessel IIR filters
– 100 MS/s sample rate
– 14/16 resolution
– 2 GByte memory
– Metal BNC inputs for each channel